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Biochemical abbreviation:5'-NT Methodology:Peroxidase Method Specifications: R1:2×20ml R2:1×20ml
Biochemical abbreviation:GGT Methodology:The GPNA substrate method Specifications: R1:2x60ml R2:2x20ml R1:1x60ml R2:1x20ml
Biochemical abbreviation:HCY Methodology:Enzymatic Method Specifications: R1:1x60ml R2:1x9ml
Biochemical abbreviation:TBA Methodology:Enzymatic cycling method Specifications: R1:6x60mlR2:6x20ml R1:1x60mlR2:1x20ml

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    Full supervision of medical devices, how to do business?


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    Data show: Domestic medical equipment development into the fast lane


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    Wyatt and Kang will attend the 13th China-cum-transfusion equipment laboratory medicine reagents Expo.