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Administrative Driver


Administrative Driver

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Work content:
1, strictly implement the plan to send the car, according to the requirements of the company system, to complete the mission. Fill in the carlog and the refueling record in time before and after departure.
2, seriously implement the vehicle driving operation code, strictly prohibit barbaric operations. The vehicle is strictly inspected before leaving the vehicle, and it is forbidden for the vehicle to drive with illness.
3, strict compliance with traffic laws and regulations, safe driving, civilized driving, ensure the safety of driving.
Conduct regular vehicle inspection every week, and report problems and safety hazards in a timely manner.
5, the car out of parking to ensure the safety of the vehicle, there is no fixed parking area, is not allowed to leave for a long time, during the trip is strictly forbidden to hand over the vehicle to others to drive.
6, responsible for high-quality delivery of customers, responsible for assisting the Department of Administration internal and external work, responsible for the Department of Administration outreach and procurement assistance work. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.
Job requirements:
1, with driving B, more than three years of vehicle driving experience.
2, agile, healthy, familiar with road conditions, car conditions, familiar with the driving laws and regulations and driving knowledge.
3, prepare basic vehicle fault judgment ability, familiar with the handling of annual insurance, insurance and other procedures.
4, have strong self-control ability, do not drink driving, no vehicle driving safety accident.

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