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Sales Office


Sales Office

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Work content:
1, responsible for attendance, office supplies application and distribution; Payment of daily expenses, departmental remittances, reimbursement and expense statistics.
2, document drafting, sending and receiving, transmission, registration and management.
3, office hygiene, environmental supervision, green plant maintenance, office facilities and equipment maintenance.
4, visiting customers reception, telephone answering, sending and receiving faxes.
5, related to administrative licensing matters.
6, customer's delivery, payment, billing and other work.
7, responsible for the monthly, quarterly, annual statistical reports and reports of various sales indicators, preparation, reporting, etc..
8, responsible for representing the department and other relevant departments of the company's coordination work.
9, responsible for collecting, collating, induction of market prices, prices, as well as products, customer sources and other information materials, put forward analysis reports, for the responsible person of the sales department to provide reference.
Post requirements:
1, college degree or above, at least 2 years of work experience.
2, work carefully, a strong sense of responsibility, with a strong team spirit of cooperation.
3, has the strong communication ability and the coordination ability.
4, have good professional ethics and literacy.
5, familiar with the office software, can flexibly use EXCEL.

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