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Market Commissioner


Market Commissioner

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Job responsibilities:
1. Assist senior leaders in the project R&D plan for the responsible project;
2. Relevant literature search around the project (foreign language needs translation), formulate pro

Work content:
1, responsible for the use of product knowledge, product promotion strategies and related information to train and support sales personnel.
2, responsible for the market product information feedback collection, reporting, processing and tracking problem solving.
3, responsible for the customer satisfaction survey, and to organize, statistics, analysis and form a report.
4, the performance of competing brand products, prices, promotional means, advertising strategies, etc., collected, collated and analyzed.
5, to market policy environment, customer status, market capacity to collect, qualitative, quantitative analysis.
6, responsible for market industry information, customer group information collection, research and market forecasting.
Assist in the implementation of the marketing campaign plan, develop the marketing advertising plan and organize the implementation.
Assist in the reception and service work of various exhibitions and conferences to develop new customers and promote brands and products.
9, assist management company website, mobile platform, and responsible for the website and mobile platform update, maintenance, push.
10, assist in the company's internal corporate culture promotion, and through a variety of forms.
11, responsible for customer information management and other work.
Job requirements:
1, bachelor degree or above, advertising, statistics, medical management and other related majors.
2, skilled in operating various office software.
3, have advertising, event planning or execution related experience.
4, have good copy knowledge.
5, have medical industry work experience is preferred.

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